Innovation focus with cloud technology partnership

Innovation focus with cloud technology partnership

  • DateAugust 20, 2021
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With a technology-driven approach for pension solutions in the SIPP market, we are strengthening our focus on innovation with private cloud infrastructure from the leading technology solutions provider Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT).

The multicloud solutions provider is supporting our ambitious growth plans following significant inhouse investment in our highly scalable pension platform, allowing us to continue to drive tech-focused solutions within the SIPP market.

We approached Rackspace Technology as our preferred private cloud solution provider given their excellent reputation, multi-technology expertise, and 24×7 support. The firm provides scalable backbone private cloud infrastructure and security solutions for iPensions Group’s digital platforms and client solutions. Long-term engagement with Rackspace allows us to focus on innovation and the development of the business.

Hrishi Kulkarni, Director & Group Chief Technology Officer at iPensions Group, said:

“With significant growth plans and increase in demand for our digital services, we needed a trusted partner to provide a robust, reliable and agile infrastructure.

“Rackspace Technology gives us all the support we need as we scale, and its expertise allows our team to focus on building the digital solutions our customers demand. From our adaptability to our security, Rackspace Technology is enhancing all our technological operations and, in turn, the overall user experience and confidence.”

Tim Lovejoy, VP Private Cloud and Government at Rackspace Technology, said:

“iPensions Group’s transformation into a digital business has placed innovation and user experience at its heart, with the new platform offering massive time-savings and an improved customer experience.

“As its team focuses on using this new platform to find better solutions to meet changing customer demands, we look forward to how we can further support its ambitions to scale and innovate by exploring new possibilities such as multi-cloud.”

We have made significant investments in technology as part of our growth strategy, driven by a focus on innovation in the SIPP market as well as efficient and timely support for advisers and members.

Our bespoke technology platform, which was developed internally over three years, is enabling the company to add new SIPP products such as its Platform SIPP and to develop new services for its advisers and members.



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