We Expand Wellbeing Support As Part of Mental Health Awareness Week

We Expand Wellbeing Support As Part of Mental Health Awareness Week

  • DateMay 15, 2023
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Here at iPensions Group, we are further strengthening our support for mental health and wellbeing across the company as we continue to expand the business.

This week we are backing Mental Health Awareness Week, run by the Mental Health Foundation, with a series of events, workshops and sessions from May 15th 2023.

Support during Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year focuses on the theme of anxiety, includes yoga workshops on the importance of posture during the workday as well as sessions on building resilience and handling pressure in the workplace.

Alongside this week’s interactive sessions, staff are also competing with colleagues from different offices in a step marathon (Stepathon), encouraging an active lifestyle. The two-week Stepathon is already underway across the company and ends on May 22nd.

The Mental Health Awareness Week activities build on a range of support throughout the year which includes workshops on the links between lifestyle and mental and physical wellbeing as well as practical solutions and tips to integrate healthy habits into staff’s busy lives.

iPensions Group CEO Sandra Robertson said: “We place a high priority on supporting our staff with their mental health and general wellbeing as they are crucial to the success of our business and the maintenance of the highest possible levels of service for customers.

“Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week is just part of our expanding focus on wellbeing in the workplace.”

We have made significant investments in technology as part of our growth strategy, driven by a focus on innovation in the SIPP market as well as efficient and timely support for advisers and members.

Our growth strategy is driven by technology enabled products and solutions in the SIPP market where we offer a full range of SIPP services through the adviser market with our range of SIPPs including the Adviser SIPP, Platform SIPP, USA SIPP, and our Irish Transfer service.



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