The Adviser SIPP

Greater flexibility

The Adviser SIPP gives you the ability to tailor retirement planning for UK and non-UK residents who want to keep their assets in the UK. With access to many of the leading investment platforms and almost an unlimited number of investment options, including multi-currency capability, the Adviser SIPP is highly flexible and bolstered by the assurance of UK regulation.

The Adviser SIPP supports advisers in facilitating clients’ retirement needs:

  • UK and non-UK residents are able to choose from a wide range of investments, in line with our investment policy.
  • Appoint highly experienced professional trustees to hold the assets.
  • Administer assets in line with UK regulations.
  • Easily identify accurate costs with fixed and transparent pricing.

The Adviser SIPP helps clients:

  • Consolidate pension benefits.
  • Manage their investment portfolio in line with their retirement objectives, irrespective of where the client retires.
  • Accepts qualifying contributions.
  • Flexible benefits available from the age of 55.

Investment Options

  • FCA standard assets only
  • UK quoted stocks, shares, gilts and debentures
  • Shares quoted on the Alternative Investment Market
  • Stocks and shares traded on an HMRC recognised overseas stock exchange
  • Futures and options relating to shares quoted on a recognised stock exchange
  • Hedge funds
  • Bank and building society accounts
  • Unit trusts, investment trusts and Open-Ended Investment Companies
  • Insurance company funds
  • Commercial property and land

Time to get started

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