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About us

iPensions Group brings deep technical knowledge and high-calibre service to the pensions sector. With a clear focus on technology and innovation backed by a strong set of values, we evolve our services to ensure our offering is as robust tomorrow as it is today. By continually enhancing our expertise we lead the pensions market and are renowned for building long-term client relationships founded on dependable, specialist support.

Complete Customer Care

We ensure every client is well looked after with unrivalled service and information that’s accurate, thorough and timely.

Comprehensive Technical Expertise

We work directly with advisers providing support through our dedicated team and our informative knowledge bank.

Multi-Jurisdictional Solutions

Supporting your client’s needs, we offer a complete solution working with regulated advisers in multiple jurisdictions.

Our Dedicated People

Our well-trained, personable people balance dedication, vigilance and caution while going the extra mile.

Transparent Fees and Communication

Our fee structure is simple, clear and fair, as we aim for jargon free, easy to understand information which is reflected in all our communication.

Robust Governance

Strong procedures and practices backed by controls and a cautious risk appetite ensures we maintain the highest standards in governance and regulatory compliance to deliver peace of mind.

iPensions Group
iPensions Group
iPensions Group
iPensions Group

Our Vision

We will lead the pensions sector in providing transparent and compliant products, innovative technology and unrivalled personable service. Decades of experience enable us to confidently develop and blend technology with strong technical support, transparent communication, robust diligence and dedicated people to deliver our vision.

With a wealth of experience as pension trustees and administrators, we balance new thinking with the security and confidence that comes from intense governance to ensure every client is well looked after.

Pension regulations don’t stand still and neither do we. It’s why we continually improve our multi-jurisdictional pensions knowledge, ensuring our robust service is built on expertise as deep as it is broad.

Using our in-house built system, we continually explore new and innovative ways to facilitate reliable and timely support for our advisers and clients.

Founded on longstanding relationships that deliver the best possible client outcomes, iPensions Group is positioned to support you for decades more success.

Our Values

Flexible and agile – we adapt our products and services to ensure they’re fit for purpose and easy to use. Resourceful, innovative and dynamic, we’re proactive providers dedicated to empowering pension provision.

Value our people – the group’s success depends on our people which is why we support, develop and recruit the best. Our diverse team brings the unique talents, experiences and perspective that drive innovation in all areas.

Transparent – with a strong focus on clarity, honesty and integrity, we balance innovation and efficiency with our robust diligence and display the highest ethical behaviours in all our communications, relationships and actions.

Continuous improvement and innovation – we lead the pension sector in all we do, from people and practices to products and performance. With one eye on the future we continually drive forward while ensuring we always deliver today.

Personable service – our high-calibre service and personal touch breed trust and build long-term partnerships. Flexible in our practices and processes, we’re committed to delivering innovative and efficient solutions for our advisers and clients.

Meet our team

When it comes to pension administration, rest assured that our team combines all the experience, passion and expertise you could ever hope for!