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The Irish Transfer service is tailored to Irish expatriates and other individuals with Irish pension benefits who are currently residing or employed in the UK, or intending to retire in the UK or overseas. It provides the opportunity to consolidate Irish, UK or other overseas pension benefits into one Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

Retirement planning and flexibility:

  • Ability to take financial advice from a regulated Financial Adviser.
  • Choose to invest in the individual’s preferred currency(s).
  • Access a wide range of investment choices and Discretionary Fund Managers.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to take retirement benefits directly from the SIPP, at any time from age 55.
  • Take a commencement lump sum of up to 25% of the retirement funds, free from UK tax income.
  • Receive retirement benefits in a currency that limits local currency risks.
It is important to note a transfer of Irish pension benefits overseas can only be made for bona fide purposes and not for the purpose of circumventing Irish pension tax rules and Irish Revenue pension rules & conditions. For Individuals residing or employed outside the UK, the transfer is subject to Irish Revenue approval.

Transfer literature and forms

The application form and other product literature for the Adviser SIPP are available here.

The application form and other product literature for the Platform SIPP are available here.

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