The Property SIPP

The Property SIPP

The Property SIPP enables UK investors to access a wide range of tax-efficient commercial property and land assets, plus a variety of other UK-regulated funds, for long-term investment. Members can leverage the assets in their Property SIPP to access commercial property loans. Or generate income by using their SIPP funds to purchase and then lease business premises.

The Property SIPP supports advisers in facilitating clients’ retirement needs:

  • Appoint highly experienced professional trustees to hold the assets.
  • Administer assets in line with UK regulations.
  • Ensure members invest in properties that are suitable for a pension scheme by avoiding specialist buildings and those that could be difficult to re-sell.
  • Save time and meet reporting requirements with VAT registration and quarterly reporting services.
  • Easily identify accurate costs with fixed and transparent pricing.

The Property SIPP helps clients:

  • Obtain long-term property investments.
  • Access loans of up to 50% of the scheme’s assets to acquire commercial property.
  • Make joint purchases with other iPensions Property SIPP clients.
  • Manage their own property or appoint a qualified expert.
  • Enjoy an unrestricted choice of solicitor, surveyor, insurer or commercial lender.
  • Consolidate pension benefits.
  • Flexible benefits available from the age of 55.
  • Manage their investment portfolio in line with their retirement objectives, irrespective of where the client retires.
  • Accepts qualifying contributions.

Investment Options

Access a vast range of UK commercial property investments including:

  • Commercial property
  • Residential property for conversion to commercial purposes
  • Development and agricultural land
  • Freehold and leasehold property with more than 50 years on the lease
  • Stocks and shares traded on an HMRC recognised overseas stock exchange
  • Members can use their SIPP funds to purchase their business premises or other commercial land or property, which can be leased back to the company or other parties

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