Standard Investment Options

SIPP Investments

We understand that our members’ retirement needs, goals and objectives are often unique, with many of our members living overseas or planning to retire overseas adding the complexity of cross-border tax, currency and localised inflation considerations to the challenge of personalising their retirement plans and tailoring their portfolios.

To support advisers and clients in meeting these challenges and to provide the maximum flexibility and choice, a wide number of the leading, well known and trusted investment platforms are available through our schemes, providing an almost unlimited range of investment options and styles.

The suitability of the platform and investments clients make are their responsibility, we will execute their investment instructions, subject to these being FCA standard assets and complying with HMRC rules.

Below is a list of the type of assets clients may be able to hold in their SIPP.

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Standard Investment Options

  • Cash funds
  • Deposits
  • Exchange traded commodities
  • Exchange traded funds where authorised or recognised by the FCA
  • Investment Grade Government & local authority bonds and other fixed interest stocks
  • Shares in investment trusts
  • Managed pension funds
  • National Savings and Investment products
  • Permanent interest-bearing shares (PIBs)
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Securities trading on a Regulated Venue*: include shares, investment grade corporate bonds, debenture stock and other loan stock, warrants (for equities) and convertible securities or other securities as defined by the FCA
  • Units in regulated collective investment schemes: these are defined as Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) authorised in the UK, or alter natively where constituted outside the UK are recognised by the FCA, as shown on the FCA Collective Investment Scheme Register
  • Regulated Venues refers to stock exchanges, multilateral trading facilities (MTF) and other trading venues authorised by a financial regulator or a governmental agency either in the EEA or in a third country and are recognised by HMRC.

Commercial Property

Clients can use their SIPP funds, where the scheme permits to purchase their business premises, or other commercial land or property which can, in turn, be leased back to the client’s company or other parties.

Our SIPPs can invest in:

  • Commercial property in the UK
  • Residential property for conversion to offices or some other commercial purpose where the change of use has been confirmed before the property is purchased


Development land and agricultural land are both acceptable investments.

In order for the Investment to be classified as a Standard Asset, the Investment must be capable of being accurately and fairly valued on an ongoing basis and readily realised within 30 days. If not, it will be viewed as non-standard and not acceptable for the iPensions Group SIPP, unless otherwise agreed by the Trustees.

There must be sufficient liquidity to pay benefits as they arise.

We would expect that the portfolio is constructed in such a way that is avoids excessive exposure to any single sector, any single region or to any single credit risk, with this responsibility sitting with our clients and their advisers.

Unacceptable Investments

Below is the list of assets which are not permissible in any of the iPensions Group SIPPs.

  • Residential property
  • Non-UK unquoted shares
  • Carbon credits
  • Hotel rooms, student accommodation
  • Storage units
  • Loans to connected parties or third parties
  • Tangible moveable property (eg fine wine, classic vehicles)
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Forestry


iPensions Group may consider exceptions to our policy from time to time, however any request for variance must be supported by appropriate information and background, with iPensions Group retaining ultimate discretion.